2007 Saskatoon

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 2007

Program (pdf)

May 27, 28 and 29, 2007
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
All sessions will normally be in Building ARTS 153, unless otherwise indicated.

Sunday May 27, 2007


Keynote address (ARTS 109)
CACLALS Plenary Sponsored ACQL & CACLALS. Gerry Turcotte
«A ‘Playful’ Competition in the Spirit World: Building Bridges in the Spectral Nation.»

Joint Session with APFUCC (STM 140)
Francophone Voices of the West
Chair: Nicole Côté

Marc Lapprand (Université de Victoria)
«Situation actuelle de la littérature francophone de l’Ouest.»

Louise Forsyth (Université de la Saskatchewan)
«Aperçu de la dramaturgie fransaskoise»

Jorge Calderòn (Université Simon Fraser)
«Où est l’Ouest dans Nord perdu de Nancy Huston?»


Unsettling Nationhood
Chair: Roxanne Rimstead

Heather Macfarlane (University of Toronto)
«Where the Grass Is Always Greener, but There’s No Place Like Home: Travel and Domesticity in Anglo-Canadian, Québecois and Indigenous Road Trip Narratives»

Manina Jones (University of Western Ontario)
«Co-Authorship, Citizenship, and ‘Cultural Disturbance’ in Thrasher: Skid Row Eskimo and Bobbi Lee: Indian Rebel»

Marie-Hélène Jeanotte (Université de Sherbrooke)
«Espace historique et expérience du monde dans un roman inuit: Sanaaq de Mitiarjuk Nappaaluk.»


Plenary Session
Neal McLeod (Trent University)
«Cree Narrative Imagination»

Louise Ladouceur (Université de l’Alberta, Campus St-Jean)
«Vues du pont : théâtre et traduction au Canada »


Joint Session with CCLA
Comparative Canadian Literature in the Twenty-First Century
Chair: Albert Braz

Marie Vautier (University of Victoria)
«Transcultured Writers, Autobiographical Texts and the Nation»

Sylvia Söderlind (Queen’s University)
«Between Babel and Pentecost: Canada in the Translation Zone»

Kristy McKay (University of Alberta)
«Hybrid Identities and the Critique of ‘Nation’ for Contemporary Canadian Comparative Literature»

Catherine Leclerc (Université Mc Gill)
«Refranciser l’anglicisation : réflexions sur les traductions franco-ontarienne et québécoise de la littérature franco-ontarienne d’expression anglaise»

Joint keynote co-sponsored with APFUCC
(STM 140)
Lise Gaboury-Diallo
«L’endroit et l’envers de la poésie : Rencontre avec Lise Gaboury-Diallo»

Translated Subjects : Anglophone Writing in Québec
Chair: Nicole Côté

Pénélope Cormier (Université McGill)
«L’oeuvre et sa traduction, deux “versions” originales: The Speaking Cure de David Homel et L’analyste (traduit par Lori Saint-Martin et Paul Gagné»

Simon Gilbert (Université de Sherbrooke)
«Traduire l’écriture du soi»

Jeanette den Toonder (Université de Groningue)
«Écriture Anglophones au Québec: Blackbodying de Dimitri Nasrallah»

President’s Reception

Monday May 28, 2007


Image as Text
Chair: Louise Forsyth

Isabelle Boisclair (Université de Sherbrooke)
«Une masculinité nouveau genre? La série des Paul de Michel Rabagliati»

Melissa Jacques (University of Alberta)
«Eisenstein as Vicarious Witness»

CACLALS Plenary by Louise Halfe. Sponsored by ACQL & CACLALS
(ARTS 109)


The Author as Visitor
Chair: Alan Filewood

Azalea Barrieses (University of Saskatchewan)
«Home and Identity in Margaret Laurence’s The Prophet’s Camel Bell»

Wendy Roy (University of Saskatchewan)
«Images and Imagism: Painting and the Political in P.K. Page’s Brazilian Journal»

Albert Braz (University of Alberta)
«The Missing Continent: Canadian Literature and Inter-American Identity»


Theory as Praxis
Chair: Deena Rymhs

Caroline Rhena Lamb (University of Western Ontario)
«Trading Insults: Competitive and Collaborative Identities in Canadian Hip Hop Music»

Amy Kebe (University of Montreal)
«Caribbean Canadian Women Writers: Theorizing Diaspora, Transnationality and Female Migrant Labour»

Karis Shearer (University of Western Ontario)
«Anxieties of Influence: Self-Canonization and the Canadian Poet»


Joint Session with CCLA
Literature and/as Social Activism 1 

Moderator: Roxanne Rimstead

Majdi Bou-Matar, Brendan Main, Morvern McNie, Curits Mitchell,Natalie Onuska, Emma Smith (Guelph University)
«Disrupting Hierarchies with Dialogical Processes: Collaborative Theatre Within and Beyond Academia»

Shelley Hulan (University of Waterloo)
«Memory as Instrument of Social Protest in Joanna E. Wood’s The Untempered Wind»

Domenic Beneventi (University of Sherbrooke)
«Representations of Homelessness»

Joint Session with CCLA
Literature and/as Social Activism 2 

Moderator: Domenic Benveneti

Guelph Speaks A: Rob Zacharias and Alison Dean (Guelph)
«Editing the Community: The Text As a Site For Social Change» (combined papers)

Guelph Speaks B: Paul Danyluk and Ashlee Cunsolo Willox (Guelph)
«Forays into the Community: Storytelling for Change and Resistance»  (combined papers)

Roxanne Rimstead (University of Sherbrooke)
«‘Slumming It’: Literature, Oral Histories, and Radical Knowledge»

Lynette Bondarchuk, Ondine Park (Edmonton Small Press)
«A Case Study of Community Cultural Development in Independent Media and Arts Activism»

Gabrielle Roy Prize/Wine and Cheese
(Marquis 207)

Tuesday May 29, 2007

Environments of Difference: Ecology, Materiality, and the Self
Chair: Wendy Roy

Michelle Hartley (University of Western Ontario)
«Walking and Writing: Reading Marlatt’s Stevenston as Practiced Place»

Alanna Bondar (Algoma University)
«Making ‘Home’ for the Homemaker: Beyond Nature Poetry—How Ecofeminist Poets Are Laying the Foundation for Ecological Writing in Canada»

Barbara Bruce (University of Western Ontario)
«The Souvenir and the Appropriation of Native Culture in Catharine Parr Traill’s The Backwoods of Canada»


The Outsider in Quebec Literature
Chair: Isabelle Boisclair

Simon Harel (Université du Québec à Montréal)
«Zones de tension et conflictualité dans L’Autre de Pan Bouyoucas»

Dana Wittenberg (Université Mc Gill)
«Gabrielle Roy: Sa voix et ses échos»

Nicole Côté (Université de Regina)
«Genre et minorisation dans Les Lettres Chinoises»

Annual General Meeting