Ottawa, Ontario 2009

Program (pdf)

May 23, 24 & 25, 2009
Carleton University
Ottawa, Ontario

ACQL 2009 Annual Conference

Literary Representations of Nation(s) in Canada and Québec

Saturday May 23, 2009

Southam Hall 501

Session 1A
Southam 501:

Myths of Nation
Session Chair : Catherine Khordoc

1. « Evangéline cartographiée – représentation de discours littéraires et nationaux du Nouveau Monde », Pierre Dairon, University of Virginia

2. « “Pourquoi rester?” : Maria Chapdelaine, Socrate, et la voix de la Nation », Annie Larivée, Carleton University

3. « La nation à l’épreuve d’un récit métis. Ouvrir le Québec par le biais hispano-américain dans l’œuvre de Francine Noël », Michel Nareau, Université de Moncton

Session 1B
Southam 303:

Region and identity
Session chairWendy Roy

1. “The Child In-Between: Negotiating Familial, Local and National Space in Frances Itani’s Leaning, Leaning Over Water,” Margaret Steffler, Trent University

2. “Spinning a Subject, Braiding a Text: Lola Lemire Tostevin’s Contaminations of Genre in Frog Moon,” Shelley Boyd, McGill University

Coffee break
Southam 501 

Session 2
Southam 501:

Keynote Address:

Playing Fort-Da with History: Ghost-Whiting and Mirage of Memory
Dr. Cynthia Sugars, Department of English, University of Ottawa
Session chair: Wendy Roy


ACCUTE Early Canadian Literature Group Meeting
Loeb B146

Session 3A
Southam 501:

Modernism in Canada
Session chair: Dean Irvine

1. “Cultural Custodians: The Literary Relationship of Louis Dudek and Ezra Pound,” Karis Shearer, McGill University

2. “From Trans-national Politics to National Poetics: The Spanish Civil War poetry in New Frontier,” Bart Vautour, Dalhousie University

3. “Elizabeth Smart’s Lament for Homeland in By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept,” Vanessa Lent, Dalhousie University

4. « En relisant L’avalée des avalés de Réjean Ducharme », Azouz Ali Ahmed, Queen’s University

Session 3B
Southam 303:

Indigeneity in Canada
Session chair: Alanna Bondar

1. “Language and Nation in Hamlet-le-Malecite,” Michele Lacombe, Trent University

2. “Ancestral Language Influences in Indigenous Oratures in English and Tribal Intellectual Sovereignty,” Mareike Neuhaus, University of Toronto

3. “Rudy Wiebe and Making the Strange Unstrange,” Jessica Langston, University of Ottawa

4. “Cultural Capital and Personal Security: Seeking Nation in Joseph Boyden’s Through Black Spruce,” Shannon Smyrl, Thompson Rivers University

Book launch tea and cake, Southam 501
Co-sponsored by Pearson Education and Duke University Press

Session 4
Southam 501:

Anthologizing Canada / Anthologies du Canada

Séance spéciale et lancement de livres / Special session and book launch for Canadian Cultural Studies: A Reader, edited by Imre Szeman, Sourayan Mookerjea, and Gail Faurschou, and Canadian Literature in English: Texts and Contexts, Vol. 2, edited by Laura Moss and Cynthia Sugars
Session Chair: Catherine Khordoc

1. “Cultural Studies in Canada,” co-editor of Canadian Cultural Studies Sourayan Mookerjea, University of Alberta, and contributors Len Findlay, University of Saskatchewan, Jody Berland, York University, and Yves Laberge, independent scholar.

2. “Canadian Literature and Pedagogy,” co-editors of Canadian Literature in English Laura Moss, University of British Columbia, and Cynthia Sugars, University of Ottawa.

Paterson Hall 301: 

Gabrielle Roy Prize, Wine and Cheese

Celebration to announce the winners of the 2008 Gabrielle Roy Literary Prize and the 2009 Emerging Scholar Essay Prize.

Canal Ritz, 375 Queen Elizabeth Drive:

No-host Dinner for ACQL members and conference participants

Please book by May 15 with ACQL president Catherine Khordoc: Catherine_Khordoc@carleton.ca

Sunday May 24, 2009

Southam 304 

Session 5
Southam 304: 

Keynote Address: 

In collaboration with Canadian Association of University and College Teachers of French

La nationalisation de la littérature canadienne
Annette Hayward, Études français / French Studies, Queen’s University 
Session chair: Jorge Calderón

Coffee Break
Southam 304 

Session 6A
Southam 501: 

Images of nation
Session chair: Lucie Hotte

1. « Imaginaire diasporal et frontières de l’identité », Emmanuelle Tremblay, Université de Moncton

2. « Chanter le Québec : Coup d’oeil sur la chanson nationaliste (1980 – 2000) », Johanne Melançon, Université Laurentienne

3. « Sous le signe de l’écologie: littérature et nation» , Élise Lepage, University of British Columbia

4. « Le programme de nationalisation de la littérature canadienne de Camille Roy : entre régionalisme et nationalisme », Nova Doyon, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Session 6B
Southam 624: 

Literary Nationalisms 
Session chair: Joanna Cumyn

1. “Canadian Literary Anthologies and Presentations of National Identity, “ Bonnie Hughes, University of Ottawa

2. “Literary Nationalism in Early Twentieth-Century Canadian Popular Fiction,” Wendy Roy, University of Saskatchewan

3. “ ‘American or Canadian’: Carol Shields’s Border-Crossing,” Nora Foster Stovel, University of Alberta

Special session with CLC and ACCUTE
Room : LOEB B146

Integrated History of Women’s Writing Panel
Session chairs: Cecily Devereux and Marie Carrière

1. “The ‘Transient Centre’: Biomedical Geopolitics and Collaborative Ethnography in Nancy Wachowich’s Saqiyuq: Stories from the Lives of Three Inuit Women,” Kara Kennedy, University of Western Ontario

2. “ ‘You had to be there’: Feminist Cabaret as Repertoire of Women’s Writing in Canada,” T.L. Cowan, University of Alberta

3. “The Oral and the Archives: Canadian Women Writers Telling It,” Andrea Beverley, Université de Montréal

4. “Performing Public Memory: The Poetic Politics of Nicole Brossard and Satchiko Murakami,” Erin Wunker, University of Calgary

Brown-bag Lunch / Special session with CLC and ACCUTE
Room : LOEB B146

Integrated History of Women’s Writing Roundtable
Session chair: Marie Carrière

Participants: Carole Gerson, Simon Fraser University; Dean Irvine, Dalhousie University; Susan Brown, Guelph University; T. L. Cowan, University of Alberta; Cecily Devereux, University of Alberta

Session 7A
Southam 501: 

Literatures in a Minority Milieu
Session chair: Kelly-Anne Maddox

1. « Les bois de popsicle et les pets de soeur dans la backyard : la “nation” néo de Guy Arsenault, écolier », Glenn Moulaison, Université de Winnipeg

2. « Les littératures minoritaires dans la “République mondiale des lettres” », Lucie Hotte, Université d’Ottawa

Session 7B
Southam 624: 

Memory and Commemoration
Session chair: Domenic Beneventi

1. “Creative Space and Imagined Place: MUN Extension Arts and the Remapping of Newfoundland Culture (1973-1991),” Nancy Earle, Memorial University of Newfoundland

2. “Postcolonial Drama and National World War II Narratives: Vittorio Rossi’s Paradise by the River and the Conflicts at ‘Home’,” Marissa McHugh, University of Ottawa

Coffee Break
Southam 501 

Session 8A
Southam 501: 

Anglo-Franco Quebec
Session chair: Paul Martin

1. “Anglo-Quebec Writing and the Problem of Literary History,” Lianne Moyes, Université de Montréal

2. « Gail Scott en français et la littérature québécoise », Catherine Leclerc, Université McGill

Session 8B
Southam 624: 

Post-Confederation Literature
Session chair: Shelley Boyd

1. “The Nation in Ruins: Cultural Anxiety in Post-Confederation Canada,” Brooke Pratt, University of Western Ontario

2. “ ‘The Florence of Canada, if Not America’: Archibald Lampman’s Visions of and for Ottawa,” D.M.R. Bentley, University of Western Ontario

3. “Sir Charles and the God Damn Moderns,” Dean Irvine, Dalhousie University

President’s Reception
Alumni Hall

Monday May 25, 2009

Breakfast on Campus
Residence Dining Hall, Residence Commons
Drew Hayden Taylor, “Me Funny? Wanderings of a Blue-eyed Ojibway in the Land of Humour”

Session 9A
Southam 501: 

New Cartographies 
Session chair: Lianne Moyes

1.“Colonization, Miscomprehension and Juxtaposition: Majzels’ City of Forgetting as a Contact Zone,” Maude Lapierre, Université de Montréal

2. « “Il n’avait jamais mis les pieds au Japon” : Entre le pays manquant et le trop-plein de désirs », Sylvie Bérard, Université Trent

3. “Surveillance, Mapping and the Production of Space in Michael Winter’s This All Happened,” Peter Thompson, Carleton University

Session 9B
Southam 303: 

Migrant narratives 1 
Session chair: Sophie Beaulé

1. « La dialectique du Moi et de l’Autre », Usha Rungoo, Queen’s University

2. « Instabilité identitaire et subtilité des appartenances dans l’écriture migrante : le cas de Ying Chen », Gabrielle Parker, Middlesex University

Coffee break
Southam 501 

Session 10A
Southam 501: 

Session chair: Catherine Khordoc

1. “Consuming the Nation: Globalization and the Subversion of National Identity in Contemporary Quebec Literature,” Kelly-Anne Maddox,Thompson Rivers University

2. « Globalisation, consommation et nation : éloge de la solitude dans Salut Galarneau ! de Jacques Godbout », Viviane Brochot, Dalhousie University

3. “Re-historicizing the Postcolonial Nation in Mona Latif Ghattas’ Le Double Conte de l’exil and Dionne Brand’s What we all long for,” Joanna Cumyn, Université de Montréal

Session 10B
Southam 303: 

Migrant narratives 2 
Session chair: Sarah Jamieson

1. “The Wandering Years: Hobo Narratives of the 1930s in Canada,” Domenic Beneventi, Université du Québec à Montréal

2. “In Transit: Nation, Relation, and Collaboration in Clark Blaise and Bharati Mukherjee’s Days and Nights in Calcutta,” Manina Jones, University of Western Ontario

3. “Affective Structure in Selvadurai’s Funny Boy,” John Corr, University of Guelph

Annual General Meeting
Southam 501 : Lunch provided 

Session 11A
Southam 501: 

Comparing and Negotiating Language and Nation in English- and French-Language Indigenous Texts
Session chair: Michele Lacombe

1. “Beyond the Divide: The Use of Native Languages in Anglo- and Franco-Indigenous Theatre,” Heather Macfarlane, Carleton University

2. “Stratégies de réappropriation dans la littérature des Premières Nations — Negotiating Strategies of Reappropriation in First Nations Literatures,” Sarah Henzi, Université de Montréal

3. “Mitiarjuk Nappaaluk’s Sanaaq and the Politics of Translation in Inuit Literature,” Keavy Martin, University of Toronto

4. « Théories littéraires et transferts linguistiques dans l’étude des littératures amérindiennes d’expression anglaise et française au Canada et au Québec  », Isabelle St.-Amand, Université du Québec à Montréal

Session 11B
Southam 303: 

Identity Quests 
Session chair: Marie Carrière

1. « Du nous au je ? Quelques réflexions sur la poésie d’expression française du Canada actuel », Marie Carrière, Université d’Alberta

2. « Le livre d’Emma de Marie-Célie Agnant : le récit de l’aliénation de la femme noire antillaise », Catherine Lord, Collège militaire royal du Canada

3. « Agentivité et quête identitaire dans Le manteau de la femme de l’Est de Danielle Roger », Raija H. Koski, King’s University College at the University of Western Ontario

4. « La bisexuelle dans la littérature québécoise : quelle figure? », Isabelle Boisclair, Université de Sherbrooke

ACCUTE dance party at 9 p.m. in Oliver’s Pub, the University Centre. Non-ACCUTE members pay $5 at the door, and must show Conference registration tag.