2010 Concordia, Montréal

Montréal, Québec 2010

Literary Displacements

ACQL 2010 Annual Conference

Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences

May 28, 29 and 30 2010
Concordia University
Montreal, Canada

ACQL 2010 Annual Conference

Exploring Connections in Canadian and Québécois Literature

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Friday May 28, 2010

MB S1-430 

Session 1A
MB S1-430 

Repenser la réception / Re-orienting Perspectives 
Session chair : Lucie Lequin, Université Concordia

1. Laura Moss, University of British Columbia “ ‘Leaving the Shade of the Middle Ground’: Connecting with F.R. Scott’s Call to Social Action”
2. Catherine Khordoc, Université Carleton « Connexions entre migrances littéraires : perspectives auctoriales »
3. Natalie Wall, University of Calgary “Cultural and Mimetic Capital: Re-evaluating Race in the Performance of Multiculturalism”

Coffee break
MB S1-430 

Session 2
MB S1-430 

Keynote Address
Connecting Across the City: Les diverses modernités de Montréal (bilingual session) 
Dr. Sherry Simon, Département d’études françaises, Concordia University
Session chair: Catherine Khordoc, Carleton University


Session 3A
MB S1-430 

Géographies urbaines / Urban Geographies 
Session chair: Sophie Marcotte, Université Concordia

1. Benjamin Lefebvre, University of Prince Edward Island “Divided City, Divided Self: Reading Montreal in MacLennan and Roy”
2. Ceri Morgan, Keele University “Connecting Mother Tongues: Embracing Montreal in Nicole Brossard’s French Kiss”
3. Gabrielle Parker, Middlesex University « Écrire sur Montréal, maintenant, c’est écrire sur le monde »

Session 3B
MB S1-435 

Décolonisations au féminin / Feminist Approaches to Decolonization 
Session chair: Laura Moss, University of British Columbia

1. Vishakha Gandhi, York University “‘I Want Somebody Whose Armpits Smell Like My Grandmother’s Kitchen’: Decolonizing Desire, and Inter-ethnic Connections in the Writings of Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha”
2. Natasha Dagenais, Université de Sherbrooke “Indigenous Connections: Textualizing/Contextualizing Female Poets from Québec, Canada, and Australia”
3. Sarah MacKenzie, University of Ottawa “Representations of Rape and Gendered Violence in the Drama of Tomson Highway”

Coffee Break
MB S1-430 

Session 4A
MB 7.265 (Molson School of Business) 

Translating Practices for the Work of Michel Tremblay 
Member-organized session, in collaboration with CATR
Session chair: Sathya Rao, Université d’Alberta

1. Louise Ladouceur, Université d’Alberta « Michel Tremblay, traducteur: une américanité québécoise »
2. Serge Bergeron, Cégep de Sainte-Foy « Michel Tremblay, entre traduction, adaptation et retraduction : les pièces de langues autres que l’anglais »
3. Sathya Rao, Université d’Alberta « Des “Trompettes de la mort” à “Six heures plus tard”: Michel Tremblay adaptateur de pièces françaises »

Session 4B
MB S1-435 

Au-delà du trait d’union / Beyond the Hyphen 
Session chair: Marie Vautier, University of Victoria

1. Estelles Cambe, UQAM « La question métisse et ses représentations dans la littérature d’expression française de l’Ouest canadien »
2. Tamar Ditzian, University of Florida “More Than a Hyphen: Hybridizing the Text in Larissa Lai’s Salt Fish Girl”
3. Joanna Cumyn, Université de Montréal “The Dialectics of Postcolonial Identities in English Canada and French Québec”

MB S1-430

Book and Journal launch

Canada and Its Americas. Sarah Philips Casteel and Winfried Siemerling, eds. McGill-Queens University Press, 2010. 

Speakers: Sarah Phillips Casteel, Amaryll Chanady, Patricia Godbout, Hugh Hazelton, Catherine Khordoc, David Leahy, Maureen Moynagh, Winfried Siemerling, Jeff Thomas, and Herb Wyile


Gabrielle Roy Prize Wine and Cheese
Celebration to announce the winners of the 2009 Gabrielle Roy Literary Prize and the 2010 Emerging Scholar Essay Prize 

7:30 p.m. 

Dinner for ACQL members and conference participants

Le restaurant PINO, 1471 rue Crescent 

Please confirm your attendance by May 16 with ACQL president Catherine Khordoc:


(participants cover their own meal expenses)

Saturday May 29, 2010

MB S1-430 

Session 5A
MB S1-430 

Interprétations de l’altérité / Interpretations of Alterity 
Session chair: Peter Webb, Concordia University

1. Laura Davis, Red Deer College “Community and the Canadian Nation in Margaret Laurence’s A Bird in the House”
2. Tony Tremblay, St. Thomas University “Modernism & Translation as Conciliation in the Cultural Outreach of New Brunswick’s Fred Cogswell”
3. Shannon Smyrl, Thompson Rivers University “ ‘Just a stupid bit of mischief’?: Guerilla Art and Global Narratives”

Session 5B
MB S1-435 

Spectres et traumatismes / Ghosts, spectres, and trauma 
Session chair: Steven Urquhart, University of Lethbridge

1. Kym Bird, York University “The Lady, the Countess, her Son and his Murderer: cloak and dagger drama and secret lesbian love in an Italianate tale”
2. Lucie Lequin, Université Concordia « L’incarcération dans la mémoire et l’impossible deuil chez Marie-Célie Agnant »
3. Andrea King, Queen’s University “ ‘Love Inside Out’: Haunting and Psychic Indentification in Mary Novik’s Conceit and Anne Hébert’s Les Fous de Bassan”

Coffee break
MB S1-430 

Session 6
Salle MB S1-430

Keynote Address

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others: The Writer in the University 
Dr. Stephanie Bolster, Department of English, Concordia University
Session chair: Linda Morra, Bishop’s University


Session 7A
MB S1-430 

Littératures de la guerre et de l’après-guerre / War and Postwar Literatures 
Session chair: Peter Webb, Concordia University

1. Robert McGill, University of Toronto “Canada Incorporated: Connecting the Body to Wartime Spectacle in Barometer Rising”
2. Leslie Stobbart, Queen’s University “‘Separate and away’: The Negotiation of the Home Front in Frances Itani’s Deafening and Pat Barker’s Regeneration”
3. Bart Vautour, Dalhousie University “On Multiple Fronts: Charles Yale Harrison from Amiens to Spain”

Session 7B
MB S1-435 

Perspectives sur l’autodétermination indigène / Approaches to Indigenous Self-Determination 
Session chair: Wendy Roy, University of Saskatchewan

1. Barbara Bruce, Carleton University “Fixing the World: Disaster in Hugh MacLennan’s Barometer Rising and Thomas King’s Green Grass, Running Water”
2. Maude Lapierre, Université de Montréal “ ‘Born Out Of Themselves, In Their Own Image’: Authenticity and Self-Determination in Ruffo’s Grey Owl: The Mystery of Archie Belaney”
3. Alanna F. Bondar, Algoma University “Holding Hands, Forming a New Biotic Circle: Regionality, Community, and the Geopsyche in Native and Non-Native Ecological Poetry of Northern Ontario”

Coffee Break
MB S1-430 

Session 8A
MB S1-430

(Dé)colonisation et survie culturelle / (De)Colonization and Cultural Survivance 
Présidente de séance / Session chair: Alanna Bondar, Algoma University

1. Richard Brock, University of Calgary “Postcolonial and Visual Connections in Thomas King’s Truth and Bright Water”
2. Shelley Hulan, University of Waterloo “Flesh Made Word: Mound-Building in Alice Munro’s ‘What Do You Want to Know For?’ ”

Session 8B
MB S1-435 

Gérer des moments culturels difficiles / Managing Troubling Cultural Moments 
Session chair: Linda Morra, Bishop’s University

1. Manina Jones, University of Western Ontario “Northern Procedures: Policing the Bi-Cultural Nation in Giles Blunt’s The Delicate Storm
2. David Leahy, Université de Sherbrooke “Re/Articulating Gwethalyn Graham’s Earth and High Heaven”
3. Jordan Anthony Berard, University of Ottawa “‘The Inked-In Shapes of Line and Word’: Bernice Eisenstein’s I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors and Postmemorial Auto/biography”


President’s Reception:

Grey Nuns Residence, 1185 St. Mathieu

Sunday May 30, 2010

MB S1-430 

Session 9A
MB S1-430

(Trans)nationalismes / (Trans)nationalisms 
Session chair: Karis Shearer, McGill University

1. Margo Gouley, York University “The Role of Metaphor in 19th Century Canadian Literary and Political Manifestoes”
2. David Gamble, University of Western Ontario “Utopian Nations: Connections among 1890s Utopian Literary Visions of the Future for Canada and Québec”

Session 9B
MB S1-435 

Déchiffrer les poétiques / Decoding the Literary 
Session chair: Jorge Calderón, Simon Fraser University

1. Sophie Marcotte, Université Concordia « Nouveau regard sur La Détresse et l’Enchantement de Gabrielle Roy : l’édition électronique du dossier génétique »
2. Nadine Fladd, University of Western Ontario “Collaborative Contexts: Reciprocal Influence in Alice Munro’s Relationship with The NewYorker”
3. Wendy Roy, University of Saskatchewan “Overwriting Jalna: Adaptation of Mazo de la Roche’s Novels as International Palimpsest”

Coffee break
MB S1-430 

Session 10A
MB S1-430 

Les déplacements de l’écriture / Literary Displacements
Session chair: Lucie Hotte, Université d’Ottawa

1. Emily Hazlett, Université Carleton « “Remplacer” le passé: la réinterprétation de l’émigration dans Gens du Silence et Silences de Marco Micone”
2. Tobi Kozakewich, Queen’s University “ ‘Let us not scorn … our Primate seed’: Oryx and Crake, The Year of the Flood, and the Ethics of Biotechnology”
3. Steven Urquhart, Université de Lethbridge « Entre l’ici et l’ailleurs dans Cent jours sur le Mékong (journal) de Pierre Gobeil »

Session 10B
MB S1-435 

Modernisme émergent et tardif au Canada et au Québec / Emergent and Late Modernism in Canada and Québec, 
Séance organisée par un membre / Member-organized session
Présidents de séance / Session chairs: Bart Vautour and Vanessa Lent, Dalhousie University

1. J.A. Weingarten, McGill University “‘The Coherence of Canadian History Was Lost’: Later Canadian Modernism and Historiographic Poetry”
2. Karis Shearer, McGill University “Louis Dudek: Toward a Functional Poetry”
3. Marc Fortin, Queen’s University “Emergent or Post? The Ethnological Modernisms of Marius Barbeau’s The Downfall of Temlaham”

MB S1-430

Annual General Meeting
Lunch provided by ACQL 

Session 11A
MB S1-430 

Spatial Exclusion in Canadian and Québec Literatures 1 / L’exclusion spatiale dans les littératures canadienne et québécoise 1 
Séance organisée par un member/Member-organized session, en collaboration avec l’ACLC/ in collaboration with CCLA
Président de séance / Session chair: Domenic Beneventi, UQAM,

1. D.M.R. Bentley, University of Western Ontario “Gabrielle Roy, The Tin Flute”
2. Amaryll Chanady, Université de Montréal “Racialized Bodies and Unhomely Spaces”
3. Simon Harel, UQAM « Espace public, mobilité culturelle, nouveaux médias »

Session 11B
MB S1-435 

Réflexions sur le théâtre / Considerations About Theatre 
Présidente de séance / Session chair: Nicole Côté, Université de Regina

1. Nicole Côté, Université de Regina « Fort Mac, de Marc Prescott : une fable apocalyptique? »
2. Marissa McHugh, University of Ottawa “Canadian War Plays in the 21st Century: Revisiting the War at “Home” in Trina Davies’ Shatter and Kevin Kerr’s Unity (1918) ”
3. Shavaun Liss, Université de l’Alberta « De nouvelles approches dans le surtitrage théâtral »

Session 12A
MB S1-430 

Spatial Exclusion in Canadian and Québec Literatures 2 / L’exclusion spatiale dans les littératures canadienne et québécoise 2
Séance organisée par un member/Member-organized session, en collaboration avec l’ACLC/in collaboration with CCLA
Président de séance / Session chair: Simon Harel, UQAM

1. Daniel Laforest, Université d’Alberta « Le banlieusard évanescent. Corps périurbain et visibilité littéraire au Québec »
2. Roxanne Rimstead, Université de Sherbrooke “‘Keeping the Wolf from the Door’: The Politics of Eviction and Forced Exile in Canadian Literature”
3. Domenic A. Beneventi, UQAM “Vagabond Desires: Mobile Sexuality in Jean-Jules Richard Journal d’un hobo and Andrew Roddan’s Vancouver’s Hobos”

Session 12B
MB S1-435 

Envisaging Interstices: Possibilities for CWRC’s Integrated Histories of Canadian Women’s Writing 
Session chair: Erin Wunker, Dalhousie University

Roundtable speakers:
Bronwyn Haslam (writer, independent scholar, co-founder of Tente Press in Montreal)
Tasha Hubbard (University of Calgary)
Karis Shearer (McGill University)
T.L. Cowan (University of Calgary)
Jennifer Henderson (Carleton University)
Lianne Moyes (University of Montreal)