2013 Victoria

Victoria, British Columbia 2013

ACQL Annual Conference

Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences

June 1-3, 2013
Engineering and Computer Science Building
University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia

Texts and Technologies in Canadian and Quebec Literatures

Program (pdf)

Saturday June 1, 2013

8:30-9:00: coffee

Session 1A: Ties That Bind?: Precarity, Power Relations, and the Advent of Technological Innovations I
Room 108
Chair: Roxanne Rimstead
Kit Dobson
: “Neoliberalism, the Novel, and the Limits of the Human : Rawi Hage’s Cockroach
David Leahy: “If you don’t buy you die’: Jerome Minière’s Herri Kopter Series as anti-Neo-Liberal Critique”
Simon Harel: L’ère in situ: récit de soi, portabilité technologique et mobilité”

Session 1B: Early Canadian Print Cultures 
Room 130
Chair: Tanis MacDonald
Andrea Cabajsky: “Lost and Found: The Dead Witness: Or, Lillian’s Peril, Rosanna Mullins Leprohon’s Final Novel”
Laurel Ryan: “Robert Baldwin on Love and Loyalty: The Ossianic Stories”
Wendy Roy: “Canada’s Continuing Stories: Early Twentieth-Century Serials, Sequels, and Adaptations”

Session 1CAuthorship and New Technologies
Room 104
Chair: Bart Vautour
Kristine Smitka:
 “Please Understand I Want an Audience: Leonard Cohen’s Transition from Cloth to Paperback Publication”
Hannah McGregor: “The Anxieties and Affordances of Genre in the Work of Karen Connelly”
Trish Corrigan: “Autonomy Makes Us Happy: Grassroots Resistance and Open Source Creation in Cory Doctorow’s Makers

10:30-11:00: coffee break

Keynote Address (Joint session with APFUCC)
Room 104
Sophie Marcotte, Concordia University
“Du manuscrit au virtuel: l’exemple de Gabrielle Roy”
With financial support from the Aid for Interdisciplinary Sessions Fund (CFHSS)

12:00-1:30: Lunch

Session 2AFranco-Ontarian Literature: New Aesthetic Issues IJoint session with APFUCC
Room 130
Chair: Johanne Melançon
Isabelle Dakin
: “Les femmes dans l’œuvre de Jean Marc Dalpé : perte de repères et dérive identitaire”
Louis Bélanger: “Une esthétique du décalage en poésie franco-ontarienne contemporaine
Lucie Hotte: “Histoires de vie : les manipulations génériques dans l’œuvre de Daniel Poliquin”
Kathleen Kellett-Betsos: “L’espace sacré, l’espace profane et l’écriture du désir chez Gabrielle Poulin”

Session 2BSearching the Image in Canadian Poetry
Room 104
Chair: Emily Essert
Veronica Austen: “Possessing the Past: Photographic Image in the Poetry of George Elliott Clarke”
Bart Vautour: “Modernism Cleans House: Martha Anne Leslie’s ‘Poor Bob’ and the Concrete Poem in 1920s Canadian Literature”
Nora Foster Stovel: “Carol Shields’ Poetry: Metaphor and Miracle”

Session 2C: Ties That Bind?: Precarity, Power Relations, and the Advent of Technological Innovations II
Room 108
Chair: David Leahy
Maria Fernanda Arentsen
: “Lise Gaboury-Diallo raconte le handicap : entre tradition et technologie” 
Marc André Fortin: “Television, Techno-Fascism, and Time Zones: Brian Fawcett’s Cambodia : A Book For People Who Find Television Too Slow
Roxanne Rimstead: “Chained to Our Machines ?: Expendability and Precarity in Work Poetry”

3:30-3:45: coffee break

Session 3A: Franco-Ontarian Literature: New Aesthetic Issues II,  Joint session with APFUCC
Room 130
Chair: Lucie Hotte
Johanne Melançon: “Altérité et écriture dans pendant que l’Autre en moi écoute de Michel Dallaire”
François Ouellet: “Explorations de l’écriture d’Andrée Christensen”
Julia Hains et Mélissa Simard: “La performativité chez Andrée Christensen: Cigale d’avant-poème
Ariane Brun del Re: “De retour à Ottawa : L’historien de rien de Daniel Poliquin”

Session 3B: Spatialities
Room 104
Chair: Marc André Fortin
Rebecca Campbell
: “Remembering the Cold War at Intrepid Park”
Sara Jamieson: “Reading the Spaces of Age in Alice Munro’s ‘The Bear Came Over the Mountain’”
Zishad Lak: “La télévision et la fin du monde dans Tarmac de Nicolas Dickner”

Session 3C: Poetry and Technology I
Room 108
Chair: Wendy Roy
Tanis MacDonald: “Technologies of Simone Weil: Versing the Multiversity”
Geneviève Robichaud: “Typing as Sewing: The Sutured Self in David Aylward’s Type Scapes
Melina Baum-Singer: “Diasporic Mourning Practices and New Technologies in Eli Mandel’s Poem ‘On the 25th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz : Memorial Services, Toronto, January 25, 1970 YMHA Bloor and Spadina”
Michele Lacombe: “ “Pimuteuat/ Ils marchent/ They Walk”:  Technologies of Translation in English-language Versions of Innu Poetry Published in French and in Bilingual French-Innu Editions”

Gabrielle Roy Prize Reception

Room 101

Association Dinner
The Oaks Restaurant and Grill
206-2250 Oak Bay Ave.

Sunday June 2, 2013

Session 4A: Digitial Tools in the CanLit Classroom
Room 130
Chair: Emily Ballantyne
Marc André Fortin: “The Contemporary Canadian Literature Project : Using Wiki to Promote Active Learning”
Laura Moss and Karen Correia da Silva: “Metacriticism, Digital Humanities, and Teaching Canadian Literature to Digital Natives”
Paul Martin: “The Last Best West: Lessons from the Pioneer Days of Teaching (and Selling) the Literatures of Canada Online”

Session 4B / Séance 4B: Poetry and Technology II 
Room 124
Chair: Maïté Snauwaert
Matt Carrington: “The Canadian Poetry Magazine Online: Clicking through the Digital Page”
Shannon Maguire: “The Public Art of Dissensus in Rachel Zolf’s The Tolerance Project”
Ceilidh Hart “The Sound of Traffic: Cities, Motels, and Cars in Karen Solie’s Modern and Normal

10:30-10:45: coffee break

Plenary Session 5A: Transforming Knowledge Dissemination in Québec andROC: A Bilingual Roundtable co-organized by Canadian Literature and Canadian Literature Centre
Room 124
Participants: Laura Moss, Daniel Laforest, Catherine Khordoc, Sarah Krotz, Michèle Lacombe, Marie Vautier

Annual General Meeting
Room 124
Lunch provided by ACQL

Session 6A: Technologies & Ecologies 
Room 130
Chair: Hannah McGregor
Shelley Boyd: “Nature-Altering Tools”: Margaret Atwood in the Garden”
Sergiy Yakovenko: “The Power of Silence: The Genotext in Sheila Watson’s ‘Rough Answer”
Sarah Gibbons: “Across Bodies and Landscapes: Technological Development and the Contemporary Canadian Stage”

Session 6B: New Canadian ModernismsBeyond Centre and Edge
Room 124
Chair: Melissa Dalgleish
Melissa Dalgleish: “Eclectic Detachment : Allusion and Impersonality in Jay MacPherson’s Early Poems”
Emily Essert: “Importing Impersonality: The Case of P.K. Page and T.S. Eliot”
Gillian Dunks: “Alternative Print Genres in the Modernist Era: Producing the Ryerson Poetry Chap-book”

A Reading and Discussion with novelist Ying Chen
Joint session with APFUCC
Room 123

President’s Reception 
Foyer, McLaurin Building

Poetry Reading 
Room 101

Monday June 3, 2013

Session 7A: At the Crossroads of Technologies: Sex, Gender, Sexuality, and Space in Contemporary Texts I
Room 108
Chair: Lori St. Martin
Isabelle Boisclair
: “Mitoyenneté, réciprocité: recherche de nouveaux espaces dynamiques relationnelles dans Unless de Hélène Monette (1995)”
Nicole Côté: “Les parcours identitaires et spatiaux comme remède à la récente radicalisation des postures sexuées/genrées”
Catherine Dussault: “Lieux de désirs, lieux d’interdits: l’expression de la sexualité adolescente dans Et au pire, on se mariera de Sophie Bienvenu”

Session 7B: Text, Image, Sound
Room 104 
Chair: Shelley Boyd
Bradley Clissold: “Leonard Cohen’s Dirty Postcards”
Cynthia Nugent: “Extending Picturebook Multimodal Theory to Encompass the Affordances of the iPad”
Susan Billingham: “Drawing the Line: Graphic Narrative, Young Adult Literature and Queer Content”

10:30-11:00: coffee break

Keynote Address (Joint session with CSDH)
Room 104
Susan Brown, University of Guelph
“Survival: Culture and Scholarship in a Digital Age”
With financial support from the Aid for Interdisciplinary Sessions Fund (CFHSS)

12:00-1:30: Lunch

Session 8A: Technology and the Body 
Room 108
Chair: Melissa Dalgleish
Cinda Gault
: “Technologies of Autonomy: Abortion in Marian Engel’s No Clouds of Glory
Maude Lapierre: “Human Rights and the Post-Human: Larissa Lai’s Salt Fish Girl
Regina Yung Lee: “Afterlives: Mediumship as Authorship in Two Novels by Monique Proulx”

Session 8B: At the Crossroads of Technologies: Sex, Gender, Sexuality, and Space in Contemporary Texts II
Chair: Isabelle Boisclair
Room 104

Domenic Beneventi: “Private, Public, and Counter-Publics”
Lori Saint-Martin: “Espaces du désir et de la perte chez Danielle Roger”

3:00-3:15: Coffee break

Session 9A: New Poetics and Aesthetics in Western Canada’s Francophone Theatre
Room 108
Chair: Louise Ladouceur
Louise Ladouceur: “Poétique et esthétique bilingues sur les scènes francophones des Prairies”
Louise Forsyth: “Le jeu des langages au théâtre de Raoul Granger”
Nicole Coté: “Parcours à rebours, fragmentation et métaphorisation dans la pièce Rearview
Nicole Nolette: “Garage Alec, ou la “réparation” par la comédie des langues”

Session 9B: Various Technologies
Room 104
Chair: Maude Lapierre
Sarah Krotz: “David Thompson’s Surveys: Texts and Technologies at the Edge of Canada”
Lacey Beer: “Picture Perfect”?” Thinking Outside the Frame in Marie Clements’s and Rita Leistner’s The Edward Curtis Project: A Modern Picture Story ”
Emily Robins Sharpe: “Technology, Technique, and Ambivalence in Hugh Garner’s Short Stories”
Nora Foster Stovel, University of Alberta: “Written in Women’s Ink : French Translation and Female Power in Carol Shields’ Unless

See the full Call for Submissions here.

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