Sex, Gender and Space: Dynamics of Appropriation

Organised by Isabelle Boisclair and Charlotte Comtois

This panel aims to examine the relationships between space and characters, triply marked by sexual identity, gender, and sexual orientation in contemporary works (from 2000 to present). At the interface of these two elements, sexuality appears as a privileged pattern for grasping dynamics of power. These identities of sex/gender/desire are complicated by questions of age, social class, ethnicity and religion. The sharing of spaces is always negotiated according to these different social indicators, which inform identity, giving it more or less value and power.

Does space always bear the marks of gender? Are these marks modulated by intersectional dynamics, and if so, how? And what about emerging and minority sexual/gender identities (LGBTQI +)? In which spaces do sexual relations take place? How does the body fit in? Who do these spaces belong to? Finally, which symbolic associations, and which narrative, enunciative and rhetorical strategies inform us of these dynamics of power?

Please send proposals (max 300 words) and a short biography (max 150 words) to and before January 5, 2019. Those who propose papers must be members of the ACQL by March 1st 2019. See the ACQL website for membership and registration information.