Crisis, Affect and Literary Ecologies

Panel organized by the Canadian Literature Center (University of Alberta)

How do writers respond to the colonial, cultural, social, and global conditions of the environmental crisis that are the mark of the Anthropocene? What are some of the affects, and how do they circulate, in the work of authors incited by ecological concerns? What are the poetic, narrative, dramatic, or generic traits and tendencies that emerge from literary ecologies, particularly by Indigenous, feminist, queer, trans, and racialized authors? This panel calls for papers that consider environmental questions at the crossroads of literary practice and the possible future-oriented interventions of literature at this time in Canada. It does so in the wake of the recent publications of two edited volumes, Writing Beyond the End Times and All the Feels: Affect and Writing in Canada (Innsbruck University Press/University of Alberta Press, 2019 and 2020), which tackle crisis and affect in contemporary Canadian, Indigenous, and Québécois writing. Proposals drawing from these contexts, in English and in French, are welcome.

Proposals for papers (no more than 300 words), accompanied by a short biobibliographical note should be sent by 6 January 2020 to:

Marie Carrière, University of Alberta,

All paper proposals can be written in French or English. Those who propose papers must be members of the ACQL by 1 March 2020. See the ACQL website ( for membership and registration information.