Message from the President

Welcome to the website of ACQL-ALCQ. I invite you to browse these pages and meet a dynamic, innovative scholarly association.

ACQL-ALQC has been kept alive by the strong commitment of scholars who believe in the necessity of an intellectual forum that focuses on questions of  textuality and cultural production as they pertain to nationhood in Québec and Canada. For some, this entails a focus on the reciprocal exchange of cultural texts across borders of language and history; for other it entails a dialogue in which questions of literary culture in one language might be set against, compared to or measured by the experience of the other. In the 2005 Report on the  Transformation of the  Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada published by  the  Canadian Federation for the  Humanities and Social Sciences,  ACQL-ALCQ was one of several small associations identified as being ” very much in the forefront of multicultural and international research” (21).

ACQL-ALCQ may be a small association but the range of scholarship we embrace is dynamic and expanding. And because we are small, we enjoy a collegiality and conviviality that is as pleasurable as it is productive.