Gabrielle-Roy Prize Regulations


Each year the Association for Canadian and Quebec Literatures (ACQL) awards two prestigious prizes in honour of Gabrielle Roy, one in English and one in French, for Canadian and/or Quebec literary criticism published within the designated calendar year.

Eligible Publications: 

a. academic works which analyze the Canadian or Québécois corpus, including particular authors, themes, literary movements, historical periods, genres, and theoretical approaches;

b. literary biographies of Canadian or Québécois authors which comprise a critical dimension and scholarly editions;

c. critical works of comparative literature, if the Canadian and/or Québécois content is equal to or higher than the foreign content;

d. individual or collective works of literary criticism that meet one of the above criteria.

Ineligible Publications: 

a. publications by critics or authors that are not works of literary criticism;

b. didactic publications (manuals intended for teachers and professors);

c. publications by authors on writing;

d. new editions of works that have been previously published including translations), or critical collections that include articles that have already been published elsewhere, except if the material already published is significantly revised and augmented, so as to effectively form a new, coherent, and integrated critical work;

e. special issues of journals;

f. reference materials.

Criteria of Evaluation 

1. critical and theoretical rigor of the publication;

2. importance of its contribution to the existing scholarship on Canadian and Québécois literatures and its engagement with previous scholarship;

3. originality;

4. quality and readability of the writing;

5. quality of the presentation;

6. bibliographic quality and completeness.

Other Rules

1. Books must be nominated and sent by the publisher, not the author or editor(s); four copies of each publication must be sent to the jury chair by January 31.

2. The Prize (monetary sum, certificate, and medal kept for one year) will be given in May at the annual conference of the ACQL during the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities.